Management of Work at Height Training Courses

This is a one-day course for Managers or Supervisors of those who work at height either, employers, employees or contractors.

The information provided gives the basis of what is required to comply with the regulatory framework in place when working in this environment. This is achieved by giving a guide through the regulations in place for all who have responsibilities for the safety and welfare for those who work at height.

Topics that are covered in the course syllabus include, the legal requirements of all those concerned with the working process, the subject of height specific risk assessments, hierarchy of control measures required when working at height, selection and subsequent maintenance of fall protection equipment and monitoring the system.

Other topics included in the course cover the requirements for training personnel using fall protection equipment, end user inspection, appointed person inspection, maintenance and replacement of F.P.E. along with other mandatory requirements of the regulations.

People working on top of roofs